Useful AV Receiver Buying Guide for Consumers

Audio Video Receiver which is commonly called as AVR is one of the most popular and of course most essential parts of home theater system. The major purpose of AVR device is to improve sound quality of audio equipment as well as enhancing video experience from variety of sources. The consumer can configure or modify a particular unit to receive response from connected devices such as VCR or DVD Players and easily decide and choose for what source they want to route TV or other video sources. When you are deciding that what should be the best receiver for your home theater, you need to go through numerous features which will also include price and functions.

Let’s start with functionality that what features and characteristics might be found in different models of AVRs. You must check out the power ratings, distortion and decibels as power ratings are normally listed by number of watts for each channel, but here you need to be sure that you are not misguided by greater watts. If you are under the impression that greater watts will be considered as the only factor that ensure quality of sound, that’s not right because watts are not actually the measurement of the volume but decibels.

However, this is true that a receiver needs more watts to be louder. Your receiver is producing much louder sound and the volume is much higher, but there is distortion and the quality of sound is not great, it will not be appreciated as a good receiver because your basic requirement is the quality of the sound not the loudness. This is just one example of features that should be taken as an idea about quality of features rather than getting misguided with ones that are not really considered as first priority.

If you are not sure about the functionalities and can’t decide what model can really be a perfect choice for you, you can also take manufacturer’s name as a tool to measure quality of a device. Though, it may not always be helpful in every type of device, this is really important as well-known manufacturers don’t usually compromise over the quality of equipment they bring to the market under their brand name. Some of the popular manufacturers are as follows;

•    Yamaha
•    Sony
•    Onkyo
•    Denon
•    Pioneer
•    Marantz
•    Kenwood
•    Harman Kardon
•    Samsung

Yamaha is considered to be the best option by most as it has introduced a larger range of A/V receivers to the market and almost each model has come with remarkable features and high quality of functions and controls. Following this AV receiver buying guide will really be helpful for you to select one of the best models.